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Winter Riding Guide

With a noticeable drop in temperature and shortening of the days, there are still plenty of opportunities to get out and ride.

There has been no better time to cycle and you shouldn’t let the great British winter weather stop you. However here are some tips from the Bike Barn team to keep you cycling safely over the winter months.

· Winter riding can throw up some challenges but will still be enjoyable and rewarding, so taking a few moments to plan your rides and carry out a quick safety check of your bike, no matter how short your journey will be.

· Daylight can fade fast so be visible with bike lighting and hi vis clothing.

· Hedge cutting takes place around the rural areas, scattering thorns etc onto the roads, even the most seasoned of cyclists can pick up punctures, so keeping an eye out for recent cutting and proceeding with some caution at these areas with pay off.

· Self help kit- It's good practice to carry a small kit containing the following – Inner Tube, Tube Repair Kit, Tyre Levers, Pump and Bike Multi Tool. A small kit like this will provide a temporary repair to get you mobile and home. It's also good practice to know how to do the most common and basic roadside repairs i.e. repair a puncture, put a chain back on etc. Everyone is capable and Bike Barn run basic self help courses.

· Dress for the ride – Over and above your safety gear, keeping warm and dry will allow you to cycle many miles happily.

· Wet Roads – Wet roads are not just a winter occurrence in the UK, however with dropping temperatures surfaces can be slippy. Be vigilant, particularly on early morning or late evening rides. Consider purchasing front and rear mud guards to your bike to keep your rear dry, perhaps different tyres which offer better traction or puncture protection.

· Bike Maintenance – A well maintained bike is a safer bike to ride. If you think your bike needs attention, please reach out to our team.

These are just some tips to keep you and your bike on the road. The team here at Bike Barn love to be out on our bikes and love see you out there too. So if you need any advice on the above points, we are more than happy to help.

Stay safe and enjoy your rides folks.

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