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Never Let a Flat Slow You Down Again! ✨🚴‍♀️

Ride smoother, faster, and with more confidence than ever before! Say goodbye to traditional tubes and hello to a world where punctures heal themselves!

Why Go Tubeless?

  • Instant Puncture Repair: Sealant instantly seals holes up to 6mm, letting you keep riding without interruptions.

  • Lightweight Performance: Eliminate the weight of inner tubes for a lighter ride, improving handling and speed.

  • Long-Lasting Protection: Not only does it repair, but it also prevents future punctures, offering peace of mind on every ride.

How It Works:

  • Liquid Protection Layer: When you fill a tubeless tyre with sealant, it coats the inside of the tyre. This liquid layer is ready to spring into action the moment a puncture occurs.

  • Immediate Sealing Action: As soon as a puncture happens, the air pressure inside the tyre forces the sealant into the hole. The sealant's formulation includes particles and fibers that interlock to form a plug. This plug not only seals the current puncture but also remains in place, offering a physical barrier against the entry points where new punctures could occur.

  • Adaptive Sealing: Unlike a traditional tyre repair, which might leave a weak spot in the tyre, the sealant creates a dynamic seal that adapts to the tyre's movement and flexing. This means that the seal can maintain its integrity over a wide range of conditions, effectively reducing the likelihood of future punctures in the same area.

  • Continuous Protection: As long as the sealant remains fluid inside the tyre, it provides ongoing protection against punctures. This is why regular top-ups are recommended; they ensure that the sealant's protective qualities do not diminish over time.

Easy Maintenance Tips:

  • Top-Up Frequency: For optimal performance, top up your sealant every 2-4 months. The exact time can vary based on climate and usage. Warmer climates or frequent rides may require more frequent top-ups.

  • Check Regularly: Make it a habit to check your sealant levels and tyre condition before long rides or after any noticeable leakage.

Join the Revolution: Make the switch to tubeless and experience the ultimate in performance and protection. Perfect for cyclists of all levels who demand the best from their equipment.

🌟 Ride longer, ride stronger, and never fear the flat again! 🌟

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