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The Beginning

Welcome to the Bike Barn blogs. This is the first blog from the bike barn and my own first blog! Exciting times!

The Bike Barn was born from a passion for cycling and the restrictions that were put on us in 2020 made it clear to us that having a passion like cycling made lockdown life easier. We wanted to help other people through the hard times and share our way to escape. Why not turn our passion into something that can benefit our community and local cyclists? Why not indeed!!

The Bike Barn is committed to getting people out on their bikes. What started as a venture to help local people with repairs and servicing has turned into a roaring business and online shop offering so much more to the cycling community than we could have imagined in such a short time. Our first customers were friends and family looking for some help but our attention to detail and the way we treat all the bikes that come into the barn was soon noticed and we now have a client base of over 100 customers which includes tri-athletes, grandmothers, commuters, first time riders, experienced club riders, people who have switched from their car to a bike permanently and the parents of many children!

We even have customers who drive 2 hours to use us as they know their bike is in safe hands here.

We hope to showcase some of your bikes in these blogs as features in the future and we are excited to have this platform to share our work!

Every bike is different. Every rider is different. We pride ourselves in making sure that your needs are carefully fulfilled in our process. We are not here to do things our way. We are here to give you what you need from your local cycling centre with extras!

Whether your bike is 100 years old or new out the box we love to get them rolling smoothly and safely. We love seeing your face when you collect your bike and the work exceeds your expectations. We love hearing your old cycling stories. We love hearing your new cycling stories. We love cycling!

We are rapidly expanding our services offered which includes:-




New Bike Builds

Bike Retoration

Restomods - a modern restoration of an older bike

Wheel truing and repair

Online purchase bike builds

Retail sales - online and offline

Bike Fitting - various options available

Customer bike sales

We look forward to being part of your passion.

Lots of bike love the Bike Barn team.

Enjoy your ride.

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