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Places to go - Cuningar Loop

If you have a young cyclist Cuningar Loop is a place you should visit. My kids are 3, 6 and 9 and it is the only place I've visited that caters to all their cycling needs at the one time. It also gives me time to relax whilst they all cycle off at different speeds and in different directions!

Cuningar Loop is a woodland park on the banks of the River Clyde. Enjoy a stroll along the riverside boardwalk or forest trails, relax with a picnic in the large open meadow, or have some fun at our bike skills area or in Scotland's first outdoor bouldering park. Source -

We quickly packed the kids bikes in the boot and set off to enjoy an afternoon of blue skies and autumnal colours. After a 30 minute trip into the East End of Glasgow we found the well sign posted directions into the Car Park and we were immediately sheltered from the city surroundings we had just driven through. Cuningar Loop was developed as part of the Commonwealth Games legacy in 2014 to provide outdoor spaces where people can enjoy free events and activities. Yes! Cuningar Loop is free to park and use!

We were visiting to use the "Bike Skills Park" which consists of a concrete and gravel bump track and a gravel and stone mountain bike circuit which easily links the 2 tracks and surrounds an open meadow with established trees and creates an area where you can watch your kids explore their bikes without having to stand over the top of them.

Once the kids were feeling thirsty and tired we took a break in the "Adventure Play" and "woodland workout" and then took a nice relaxed family walk/cycle around some of the peripheral paths along the river and back round into the main area. Of course they wanted to go back to the "tracks" before going home.

The best thing about Cunningar Loop is that everyone of any age can find something to challenge them. The bike skills areas have some tricky rock formations and easy paths around. The bump track splits with harder sections and there is even a small "baby" section that the big kids like to ride because it's something different. I didn't have my bike today but I enjoyed climbing the Army Nets in the workout area and climbing the boulders in the outdoor climbing area. Of f course I also commandeered Isla's bike for a quick loop (or 2) of the bump track!

This place is highly recommended for young cyclists. Even if your kids don't enjoy cycling it is a great place for some outdoor fun and if they have their bikes with them I'm sure they will want to join in the fun with the other kids!

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