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Making Cycling Green


At the point of Bike Barn conception one or main objectives was to encourage the community to get on their bikes and enjoy the beautiful natural environment we are surrounded by around Strathaven. It is vital that we ensure the environment is well looked after and that is why Bike Barn are focused on reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. One issue that was a concern from the start was what to do with old bicycle tyres.

Currently there is no legislation in place within the UK on how bicycle tyres have to be disposed of as there is with vehicle tyres and as such many tyres are currently disposed of into general waste ending up in land sites etc. Thankfully, legislation is currently processing through parliament and it’s hoped to be introduced in the coming year.

Since Bike Barn started trading, bicycle tyres and tubes have been one of the waste products of bike servicing that we have worked hard to ensure we can dispose of in a responsible and sustainable way and as such we have retained all tyres and tubes that require disposing of.

Thankfully after much research we have become an VELORIM Recycling Centre. VELORIM is a company set up to recycle bicycle tyres and tubes, ensuring safe and ecological recycling of scrap bicycle rubber so that together ZERO waste is sent to landfill, incinerated, or exported to other countries.

This week saw the first of the tyres and tubes we have collected over the months being prepared for collection by VELORIM. Currently we are the only bicycle servicing centre in the area disposing of tyres and tubes in this manner and we hope that Bike Barn and VELORIM can help and assist others in disposing of bicycle tyres and tubes in a more sustainable way moving forward.

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