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RYOT77 Carbon Clincher DT240 Disc Pair
  • RYOT77 Carbon Clincher DT240 Disc Pair


    Going faster with the all new RYOT77

    Developing a new standard in aerodynamic rim profiles lead to the introduction of our LAW Tech rims. Working from scratch with several computer models and windtunnel tests to compare and prove the results. Being a step ahead of the competition! That was the goal we had and which we successfully achieved.

    We first launches the new LAW Tech rims in the most popular models RYOT44 and RYOT55 but already knew there was a demand for an even higher rim. Triathletes and Time Trialists are searching for that optimal combination of front and rear wheel that will make the difference when every second counts.

    Knowing what is important in these categories we have developed a set that brings the best performance for a wide scope of intended use.

    Weather you're a triathlete looking for a high profile set, a front wheel to combine with the DISC or a high profile rear wheel to combine with a lower profile front wheel (like RYOT55 or RYOT44). There's a choice for all kinds of conditions or circumstances. A rim profile of 77mm proves to be the best in the balance in overall performance between aerodynamics and stability but with the ability to use no matter your body height or weight. So no matter if you're a small or lightweight athlete, you will have full control of your bike. Especially when being in the aero position on a triathlon or time trial bike. With this height there's even the possibility to use the RYOT77 as set in your road bike.

    The LAW Tech rim profiles are optimised for 25mm and 28mm tires where airflow seamlessly flows from tire to the rim. Reducing drag is all that matters.


    • Better aerodynamics when using wider tires
    • Outstanding performance in stiffness
    • Perfect balance for all kinds of athletes/riders
    • Rim height: 77mm
    • External rim width: 31mm
    • Internal rim width: 21mm
    • Hubs: DT Swiss 240 EXP 
    • Brake Type: Centrelock Disc
    • Weight: 1,740g
    • Weight limit: 120kg
    • Tubeless Ready
    • Max tyre pressure: 120psi
    • 3 year warranty
    • Hand built in Holland

    What's in the box

    • Complete package with accessories
    • Nice protective wheel bag
    • Disc rotors not included
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