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Hydration System - HSF / Aeria
  • Hydration System - HSF / Aeria

    • The HSF/AERIA hydration system is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Aeria Ultimate Stem - combined with the Aeria Ultimate II aerobar this system provides a fully integrated front end 'super bike' solution for any bike.


    • MOUNTING: Using a slot in plastic clip system, the Aeria HSF mounts directly on the Aeria Ultimate stem, or with the HSF faceplate, you can add it to our 1/Seventeen range of stems
    • EASY USE: This BTA system features the race proven 'no splash' fill port, a straw magnet mount for streamlined airflow over the top of the system and a bite valve for fluid control on the move
    • GPS READY: A removable computer mount at the front of the bottle is in your eye line and enables you to get a great view of your Watts
    • CAPACITY: One of our bigger systems designed for longer rides, the HSF can carry 857ml of fluid
    • BOTTLE MATERIAL: BPA-Free, Foodsafe HDPE
    • WEIGHT: 420 g
    • ACCESSORIES: HSF Faceplate when using a 1/Seventeen stem
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      Triathlon Systems


    SKU: PR6242
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