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Fast Forward Tyro2 - Rim Brake

Fast Forward Tyro2 - Rim Brake


For the diehards, the ones staying true to their believe, the ones riding boutique brands... 

As we understand that not all of you are riding disc brakes we have this super nice set for rim brakes. With all the techniques and benefits of our other wheels these are suitable for the current tire standards of 25mm and 28mm. Due to the 21mm internal rim width these fit nicely on the rim and ensure aerodynamic advantage as well as maximum comfort. 

With the ratchet system in the hubs you will never have to worry about quick engagement and maintenance levels are low!

For those who worry about the braking performance on carbon we got you covered as well. The rims got a special treatment on the braking surface called 3K Nano Brake Technology. This special layer has Carbon Nano tubes which are super thin but super strong and can conduct heat much better. Rims are way more durable with this technology. To preserve the durability and achieve the best performance it's recommended to only use SwissStop brake pads.

  • 21mm internal rim width
  • 45mm high carbon rims
  • Ratchet hub system
  • 1640 grams per set


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