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Ergon CF Allroad Pro Carbon Setback Seatpost

Ergon CF Allroad Pro Carbon Setback Seatpost


Unique comfort, lightweight and aesthetically modern: The Ergon leaf spring seatpost revolutionizes comfort on the road bike, all-road and gravel bike. Rough roads and gravel are smoothed out by the two carbon fibre VCLS leaf springs, while the saddle angle remains unchanged by the parallel displacement of the two leaf springs and the floating flip head. The precise and highly sensitive tuned leaf springs work so well that they do not affect the performance of the bike or cyclist. Allroad Pro Carbon Setback model offers a 25mm of setback.

  • Length: 345 mm


  • Allroad/Gravel/Cyclocross, Road
  • Weight: 240 g*
  • Colour: Black
  • Clamp: Designed for Round Saddle Rails (Ø 7 mm)
  • Max. Suspension Travel: 20 mm
  • Diameter: 27.2 mm
  • Min/Max. Insertion Depth: 110 mm/210 mm
  • Material: Carbon Fibre Composite

*Weights may vary in production.

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SKU: EG-43000023
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