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ebco street 3
  • ebco street 3


    A rip-roaring ride! Blast the city streets and ace that commute! Simply calling this bike a ‘mini-velo’ would do it a disservice. It’s a lot of fun and designed from the ground up to ride like a full-size bike but be almost as practical as a folding bike! Perfect for those that want a full-size bike but are limited on storage space.
    Style over substance? Not here, running on wide 20” x 2.30 Inova performance tyres looking mean and sporty but are supremely comfortable to blast over our pothole-ridden urban landscape.
    Power assist comes from the Bafang M200 mid-motor system coupled to an internal 417wh LG cell lithium battery. Stopping power comes from Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes with 160mm discs and gear function through L-Two 8-speed derailer gears.

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