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Bosch EasyPump

Bosch EasyPump


The Bosch EasyPump, a cordless, lightweight, re-chargeable electric pump. Perfect all types of bikes from MTB to road and everything in between. Also great for general home use including car tyres and children's inflatables.


  • Convenient: Fatigue-free inflation with real-time measurement and integrated automatic switch-off for a variety of applications
  • Simple and ergonomic: Intuitive and comfortable operation thanks to UX-tested key layout
  • Precise thanks to digital print recognition. The integrated storage compartment offers space for all attachments - original and always tidy
  • Work even without daylight or in darker areas with the help of LED light
  • Light and compact with only 423g weight
  • Rechargeable at any time via USB-C™ even on the road
  • Battery voltage/capacity – 3,6 V / 3,0 Ah
  • Max air pressure – 150 psi / 10,3 bar
  • Weight – 423 grams
  • Hose length – 20cm
  • Automatic switch off – Yes
  • Light – Yes
  • Charge port – USB-C
  • Includes – EasyPump, USB-C cable, Fabric bag, Volume adapter, Needle adapter, Schraeder/Presta adapter
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