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Unleash the Trailblazer in You with the Orange Alpine Evo S - Special Offer

Conquer the Most Brutal Tracks! Being a refuge for those who dare and venture, Orange Alpine Evo S is not an ordinary mountain bike - it is your Baby-driver to success on the most daring trails ever.

Manufactured from a sturdy aluminium frame renowned for its great strength as well as stiffness, this bike is indeed a work of art from the Orange brand. Designed to be ridden on some of the hardest terrains with never-seen-before tenacity.

Experience Advanced Suspension: Fly your way through the gravel-laden trails with a difference and precision. Each ride is an edgy, controlled, compliant, and adrenaline-pumping courtesy of advanced suspension technology.

Stop on a Dime: Fitted with top-of-the-line hydraulic disc brake systems, the Alpine Evo S ensures you have reliable braking performance to stop on a dime and safely no matter what speed you're going.

Smooth Shifting: A seamless changing of gears provides for a top drivetrain for your ride. It's all about going up smoothly and enjoying exhilarating descents.

Perfect Balance: With maximum climbing efficiency at the one end and optimal downhill prowess on the other, conquer uphill climbs and downhill thrills with equal mastery. Therefore the Orange Alpine Evo S thus strikes the perfect balance courtesy of its ingenious design features.

Ready to conquer any trail? The Orange Alpine Evo S is the ultimate partner in crime through all your different mountain biking conquests.

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