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Too hot to Handle? Hell no!

We had a great evening at Kames this week and the weather was fantastic. How hot was it? It did not put anyone off though. Our Head Coach Alister led the session with some slow speed manoeuvring exercises, helping our riders improve their balance, and then headed onto the track for some cornering skills at speed with some group riding skills added in too. All participants made fantastic progress and everyone's handling skills were noticeably improved by the end of the session.

The Kames Circuit is ideal for practicing skills, as everyone can relax and concentrate on each section without worrying about traffic or any other possible obstructions. We are especially pleased with the positive feedback we have received and we shall strive to continue to make the sessions not only informative but bespoke to each riders requirements.

Next session is 1st August, just follow the link below to book your place -

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