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Thinking about going tubeless?

If you are in doubt about going tubeless then read the following review from a valued, regular customer of ours - Kevin Pinkerton.

"Last year I was training for my 1st cycling sportif, the Etap Caledonia in Pitlochry. As part of my training, I completed a 50 mile cycle. When I returned, I noticed my rear tyre was almost flat. My worry was if this happened during my sportif, that would have been the end of my event. I had bought new aero wheels and was running with cheap continental tyres with tubes. The problem was the tyres were really difficult to get on and off so I wouldn’t have been able to change a puncture at the roadside.

Bike Barn service all my bikes and have always gone above and beyond with advice and help when needed. Adele and Richard spoke to me about changing to tubeless tyres. I didn’t have a clue about these, but it sounded complicated and expensive. When they explained that small punctures seal themselves, I thought that’s for me and it wasn’t actually as expensive as I thought. A set of Continental GP5000’s were ordered and when arrived were fitted within a day by the Bike Barn.

This gave me complete confidence at the sportif, also, something I didn’t expect was that the ride was considerably smoother. I felt I had more control and actually felt my bike was faster. I have just had my bike serviced ahead of my next sportif in April and the Bike Barn have added fluid that should see me through to my next service. For anyone swithering, I would say do it. I have no intention of topping the tyres up with tyre fluid etc, I’ll leave that to Bike Barn, so it’s completely hassle free." - Kevin Pinkerton

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