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Finn Johnstone - Team GB Trials Rider

Bike Barn are delighted to announce that we are now sponsoring Finn Johnstone.

It's been a great year for Finn (age 15) as he has secured Scottish Champion in Expert. He also took British Championship titles in his age category for both Bike Trial International Union and UCI, as well as securing 6th place in the BIU European Champs in Germany, a 6th overall in the BIU World Championships in Spain, along with a podium finish in the UCI comp at the Viborg Trials Jam in Denmark.

Finn has been riding Trials since 2015 and has been lucky to ride internationally since 2016. Riding for Team GB abroad started with the 2nd round of the European Cup in Austria following round 1 in the UK. European Cup 2016 - 2nd overall in the U10s.

Trials followed on from riding MTB XC / Dirt Crits, Bella Crits and CX with the Clydesdale Colts at both regional and National Scottish events. Since taking to trials it has been great to see more and more Colts competing and this year there has been three British Trials Champions from the Colts. From 2018 Finn have focused solely on trials, with a bit of MTB for fun.

He was fortunate to get into Wolfpax this year. A club for U18s into their MTB. Finn loves riding MTB with them when not at trials comps , great coaches and venues. He is looking forward to more of that next year.

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