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Exploring the Heart of Bicycle Craftsmanship: Our Visit to Orange Bikes

At Bike Barn, our commitment to delivering top-quality bicycles goes hand in hand with nurturing strong relationships with our trusted suppliers. Recently during the midterm break, our team had the privilege of embarking on a thrilling journey to Orange Bikes. This visit was not just about business; it was about understanding the heart and soul of bicycle craftsmanship.

A Warm Welcome by Rachel Day:

Our adventure began with a warm welcome from Rachel Day, who has been with the company for over 20 years and embodies the passion and dedication of the Orange Bikes team. Rachel graciously gave us a tour of their bicycle warehouse and bike assembly finishing areas, setting the tone for an eye-opening experience and great finally meeting the team after correspondence usually by email or phone.

A Guided Tour by the Passionate Owner, Ashley Ball:

The highlight of our visit was the personal guided tour by Ashley Ball, the dedicated owner of Orange Bikes. With an infectious passion for bicycle craftsmanship, Ashley walked us through every facet of their bicycle workshop. What struck us most was their unwavering commitment to producing hand-built bicycles right here in Britain, proudly since 1988.

Meeting the Artisans Behind the Magic:

Our visit allowed us to meet the skilled craftsperson’s responsible for creating the exceptional bikes we source from Orange. These individuals are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, meticulously crafting each bicycle to perfection.

It’s simply awe inspiring to watch sheets of aerospace aluminium being transformed by touch of hand into what we ride. We were mesmerised watching “Gramp” skilfully seem weld top tubes together by weave of hand and afterglow of cooling alloy and solid billets of aluminium being precisely CNC Machined. The build of the Orange Bike offers an intriguing blend of craftsmanship and technology.

Quality Assurance - Where Excellence Meets Standards:

We delved into the quality control measures in place at Orange Bikes. These measures ensure that every component and detail meet or exceeds industry standards, guaranteeing that Orange Bikes deliver class leading performance in some of the most challenging and demanding cycling environments imaginable.

Innovation in Cycling:

Our discussions with Ashley also uncovered exciting innovations and technologies they are incorporating into their bicycle builds. This forward-thinking approach will result in even more advanced and competitive solutions, offering you the pinnacle of cycling experiences.

Our visit to Orange Bikes was not just a business trip; it was an adventure into the heart of bicycle craftsmanship. Its hard to describe but when you own a Orange Bike, there is a sense of belonging and we are proud, not only to be an authorised Orange Retailer but also choose to ride Orange Bikes too.

The passion, dedication, and innovation we witnessed further strengthen our commitment to delivering unrivalled service and brands that reflect your and our unique style and needs.

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