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Bike in a Box?

The last decade has seen the rise of online purchases and the lure of savings it holds for the buyer. The year of 2020 has seen a further surge of this trend due to the restrictions placed on us due to COVID.

Now buying a bike online is slightly different. You can buy your shopping online, it arrives and you eat it. You can buy your car online. It gets delivered and you can drive it. How many products do we buy online that requires you to build it first before using it?

Due to the unprecedented uptake on cycling and the demand for bikes this year more and more people have been driven to buying online because it's all that's available. They are then left scratching their head when the bike turns up in parts.

Bike Barn offer a service to take delivery of the bike (directly to us if you wish), inspect the bike, build it, inspect it again and let you ride away knowing the bike is setup correctly.

We have built some bikes for customer and we have resolved some issues customers have built themselves but we have also seen some dangerous bikes which have made us doubt if buying a bike online should be allowed. We have seen forks on backwards, brake calipers loosened (to install a wheel apparently) and not tightened, wheels loose, and rear deraillieurs not set up and going through the spokes on the first ride.

As part of our bike build service we inspect the bike fully on arrival to check for delivery damage. We build your bike using suitable grease and lubrication, torque all bolts and fasteners, install the required safety equipment, set the limits and index the gears and then re-inspect the bike using our 28 Safety Check before it leaves.

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